How do I buy a Design Garden Studio?

When making an investment, it is important to know what you are buying.For example, if you buy a car or a new carpet, it will lose half its valueafter 5 years.

However, if you buy a Design Garden Studio, the value is likely toincrease after 5 years and sometimes sooner depending on the price of yourhouse. Why? Because the Design Garden Studio is valued as an addition to yourhouse, and therefore your house expands by approx. 8m2, 16m2 or 20m2.

We have met with multiple mortgage advisors who confirm that the currentinterest rates on mortgages are at an all-time low, as you can see in thedocument in our Appendix. You can also see how much an average m2 costs in your area: permunicipality/

Of course, your garden shrinks slightly and you lose value here, but thetrade-off is that you have increased livable space, therefore making a soundinvestment. Particularly as your Design Garden Studio is built to last at least50 years. Therefore, we recommend that you finance your Design Garden Studio inthis way, namely as an 'outbuilding'. 

How is a Design Garden Studio built? 

In many cases, the ground we are working with is peat soil, andtherefore requires an extra day to make a foundation with steel screw piles. Asa result, your Design Garden Studio is anchored to the ground, which is aprerequisite for approving your mortgage.  

You can remove you Design Garden Studio if you move and have ittransported to your new home and rebuilt. Alternatively, you can leave thiswhen you move and sell it at a higher value with your home.   

In short, there are many benefits to purchasing a Design Garden Studioas part of your home and to financing it with a mortgage while interest ratesare historically low. As you can see in the Appendix, most Design Garden Studio’scan be paid off within 15 years.   

The bottom table depicts how affordable a Design Garden Studio is whenfinancing it with a mortgage. Mortgage interest is also tax deductible if youuse your studio as a workplace or home office. Furthermore, some employers givetheir employees a monthly contribution to a home office since they no longerhave to pay for your travel or have closed down their office space.    

Below is the statement of what you pay when you depreciate your studioin 15 years withouttaking into account other tax benefits such as the aforementionedmortgage deduction, the deduction for work space or the allowance from youremployer.

What now?

In all cases, the notary draws up the purchase contract and we ask you topay 25% of the purchase price from the notary. We then direct you to Pepijn deVries from Bakker Neve to pay.With this deposit your studio will begin construction in the workshop. Aweek before delivery you will be requested to pay the remaining payment at thenotary. You will therefore not receive invoices from us unless you havespecific wishes that require someone from our construction team to do extrawork for you. Otherwise, your Design Garden Studio is financed from twopayments from your mortgage.



The construction team meets on the day your studio is delivered andbuilds the studio for you in 1-2 days. This is the great advantage of PREFAB,it is fast and reliable.

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